Cleaning anilox rolls on-site

We can clean the anilox rolls at your location, both inside and outside the printing press. We can do this with Chemistry, Laser or Sodium Bicarbonate.

Cleaning anilox rolls with the DeepWave

The DeepWave can be used both Inline and Offline for deep cleaning of your anilox rolls.

The cleaning fluid is applied through the automatic positioning of the head. The head squirts the dissolved ink and pollution out of the cells under high pressure and sucks it off simultaneously. No vapour mist is created during the entire cleaning process.

In-Press cleaning of your anilox rolls

We can clean your anilox rolls directly in the printing press, without removing it. This prevents the risk of damage. The used abrasive is directly exhausted, so that no dust enters the machine.

For In-Press cleaning we require a 1.200 l/min pure and dry compressed air with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ connection. Rolls must be able to rotate freely, driven by a machine motor and the protection shields must be removed.

Off-Press cleaning of your anilox rolls

We can also clean your rolls on-site, outside the printing press, allowing you to continue production with the rest of your rolls. The anilox roll is positioned on our trolley, which will be connected with the BioJet in-press. The used abrasive is directly exhausted, so that no dust enters the machine.

Offline cleaning with the Flexmobile

The Flexmobile is a truck with a cleaning machine. In this cleaning machine Flexoclean/JetCleaning does have the opportunity to clean Anilox Rollers with a width of 3800 mm. The Anilox Rollers are perfectly clean after this deepcleaning method.

This process of deep cleaning takes about 45 minutes for each anilox roll or sleeve. This deep cleaning method is especially interesting for rolls with fine lineature (high quality printing).

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