New Wave Plate Cleaner

The New Wave Plate Cleaner cleans all kind of printing plates. The ink is washed off by means of a process in the machine with chemistry. Everything is controlled by Micro-Computer with Display with the possibility to modify the working parameters. The machine is equipped with a photocell, so the machine starts and runs only when a plate is in the cleaning section of the machine.

  • PLC many functions can be set by programmed as temperature, speed of the belt, water rinsing quantity, rinse time, heating / drying temperature, etc.
  • Cleaning section with 2 rotating brushes and 1 side moving brush.
  • Equipped with a feeding conveyor belt and if wanted (mostly standard) an unloading table.
  • The Conveyor belt is guided by side stripes, so a plate cannot go into the machine, when it does not fit or when it is wrongly positioned on the conveyor belt.
  • The machine gives no possibilities to any plate that it will be stuck into the machine or being folded.
  • All rotate movement are controlled by a step motor.
  • All plate washers have a closed loop system for water and cleaning liquid
  • The cleaning agent used is not ADR and has been specially developed by Clean Solutions Group for this machine.

  • For cliché plate cleaners for the corrugated board industry, please visit

Advantages of the New Wave Plate Cleaner:

  • Fast cleaning
  • Fully PLC controlled
  • For all kind of sizes of printing plates
  • Full stainless steel cleaning area
  • Robust construction and an eye-catching design
  • Cost price of spare parts is very much reduced

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