About us

What do we do?

JetCleaning is a company, operating worldwide, that has developed unique cleaning products and machines for the Flexographic printing industry. We offer products for cleaning of your anilox rolls and everything that comes with it, to inspect and protect your rolls. The cleaning products and methods are eco-friendly, cost-effective and will improve the printing quality. We offer you an extensive programme of cleaning agents, resources and machines that could assist you in the daily and periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls.

Who are we?

JetCleaning supplies its machines and products worldwide. From a production area of 90m2 in 2005, we are have grown to a production area of 2,535 m2 in 2020. The production of the different types of cleaning machines is largely performed in-house. What makes us really unique, is that we always strive to achieve only the best quality.

What do we stand for?

Our added value is that we respond and act directly in case our customers have a question or a problem. As such, we ensure that any production standstill is reduced to a minimum. Open and fair, a high level of service, transparent and no-nonsense are our core values. JetCleaning aims for a long-term customer relationship with premium quality!




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