DeepWave cleaning machine

The DeepWave can be used both Inline and Offline for deep cleaning of your anilox rolls.

How does the DeepWave cleaning machine work

The cleaning fluid is applied through the automatic positioning of the head. The head squirts the dissolved ink and pollution out of the cells under high pressure and sucks it off simultaneously. No vapour mist is created during the entire cleaning process.

It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to build the DeepWave. The machine is operated remotely by means of a control panel with touchscreen. As a result, the presence of service personell in the printing unit is no longer necessary after installing the machine. The DeepWave also has various attachments for the head, so that it can clean different types of anilox rolls with varying diameters.

The matching cleaning agent for the DeepWave has been developed by Flexoclean Engineering B.V..

Cleaning anilox rolls with the DeepWave

  • Cleaning anilox rolls with different dimensions (600 mm to 6000 mm)
  • Partial cleaning of larger anilox rolls is possible
  • Offline cleaning is only suitable for anilox rolls with stud
  • The DeepWave can be used for any type of anilox rolls up to a depth in the machine of 40 cm.

Cleaning process of the DeepWave

The cleaning time is approx. 30 minutes (inclusive of cleaning and high pressure rinsing). The process is variable and depends on the degree of pollution of the anilox rolls. In case of a heavy polluted anilox roll, a pre-treatment with Anilox Power Boost may be necessary.

Advantages of the DeepWave cleaning machine

  • Fast cleaning
  • Minimal consumption of the cleaning products
  • Quickly adjustable in the printing machine
  • Optimal result: volume of the anilox roll almost back to 100%
  • Works under high pressure, so no problems with spraying or excess water (everything is sucked up)
  • Possibility for Inline and Offline cleaning

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