Cleaning machines for anilox rolls

Each type of anilox roll requires its own and optimal cleaning method. That is why our assortment consists of various cleaning machines that use different cleaning techniques. We have a suitable cleaning machine for any type of roll.

Professional cleaning of your anilox rolls

With the help of our cleaning machines you can professionally clean the anilox rolls yourself at any time. We understand, that the anilox rolls are an essential part of your production process. Because of the high time pressure, they should therefore not be separated from the printing presses for too long. The cleaning process with our machines is therefore fast and efficient. In this way, the anilox rolls can be used immediately after cleaning.

Cleaning techniques for your printing presses

Both the BioJet inPress and the BioJet Cabinet machines clean your anilox rolls by means of blasting with sodium bicarbonate. This method ensures an effective cleaning and is extremely suitable for anilox rolls made of chrome and ceramic.

The OptiClean machine has been developed especially for cleaning high line anilox rolls. The machine cleans by using heated cleaning agents in combination with rotating rubber rolls.

The Inline and Offline Laser machines clean your anilox rolls with extreme precision. Thanks to our latest MOPA technique anilox rolls up to 1.000 L/cm can be cleaned smoothly.

The DeepWave can be used both Inline and Offline for deep cleaning of your anilox rolls by chemicals.

Below you will find more information about our assortment cleaning machines for anilox rolls.

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