30 June 2020

New! Inline Laser IL8000

Newest cleaning machine

We are proud to announce our newest cleaning machine, the Inline Laser IL8000!

With the high-tech In-line laser IL8000 you clean your anilox rolls in the printing press directly, or optionally on the trolley. Due to the newest MOPA technology used, your rolls are being cleaned most cautiously, without causing damage to the ceramic or cell structure. The IL8000 can clean Anilox rolls up to 8000mm face length and all possible engravings and volumes. Safe for chrome- and ceramic anilox rolls.

With the addition of this inline laser we now can offer you 3 different cleaning methods, so always a suitable method for your application.

Please contact us for more information.

JetCleaning machine laser IL8000 IL8000 laser detail

Advantages IL8000

  • Cleaning direct in the printing press
  • No additives or waste
  • Cleans to the smallest pores of the ceramic
  • Can also be used off-press
  • Superior quality
  • Absolutely no damage to cell structure
  • Developed by experienced anilox roll experts

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